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I have tried so much for installing custom font in Android, I got one idea to install font into android phone

Below is the link


in that I have found that we can do it with add, here are the guides

Here we will guide you on how you can replace the system font Roboto-Regular.ttf with a font file named Times_New_Roman.ttf.

  1. Rename Times_New_Roman.ttf to Roboto-Regular.ttf.

  2. Using any of the convenient methods, copy the newly name Roboto-Regular.ttf to your Android’s /sdcard directory.

  3. Open CMD on your PC.

  4. Launch the remote shell connectivity on your phone with the following command in CMD ‘adb shell’.

  5. Execute the following commands; “su” and “mount -o remount,rw /system”.

  6. Back up the original TTF file somewhere.

  7. Copy the newly named Roboto-Regular.ttf into the fonts directory “cp /sdcard/Roboto-Regular.ttf /system/fonts”.

  8. Ensure that the file is readable (either 644 or 666). This is critical as if the file is not readable the system will bootloop.

  9. Exit the interactive shell by typing “exit”.

  10. Reboot the device to complete the changes.

is it possible with java if it is than how we can do it ?

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why don't you download a font app from gplay –  ask4solutions Jan 9 at 7:36
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