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I am working on vb.net windows application. I have a data grid view like this : enter image description here

In this I am not able fill rows to my datagrid view, is there any property to fill rows automatically depend on data grid view size.

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What do you mean by "fill rows automatically"? –  Aishvarya Karthik Jan 9 at 7:30
while loading the page i want to get grid view with full row,,here showing some extra space right,,insetd of that i want to show rows –  user3106114 Jan 9 at 7:32
@user3106114 .. why dont you try to add some blank rows to your datasource ? –  matzone Jan 9 at 8:06
how to add blank rows to datsource?? –  user3106114 Jan 9 at 8:06
you basically want it to look like an Excel file? –  Vland Jan 9 at 8:09

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