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I cannot find an answer in the Google docs. As I understand from the docs, the @Api annotation is applied to a class to indicate that it is part of the Endpoint API and the @ApiMethod then indicates which methods of that class is part of the Cloud API.

However, even if a method is not annotated with @ApiMethod the Google App Engine Cloud Endpoints Builder still includes that method as part of the Cloud API.

How can I exclude a method from the API? If it is not possible, is a good alternative then to pass the received API parameters to a separate object (which is a field of the annotated class) that do contain the required method?

I include the following code which is a class annotated with @Api for clarification (see comment on top of ggetStr method):


import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.List;


    name = "cetest",
    version = "v1",
    scopes = {EndpointsConstants.EMAIL_SCOPE},
    clientIds = {EndpointsConstants.WEB_CLIENT_ID, EndpointsConstants.ANDROID_CLIENT_ID,},
    audiences = {EndpointsConstants.ANDROID_AUDIENCE}
public class CloudTest  {

   public List<String> list() {
        List<String> strs = new ArrayList<String>();
        strs.add("a"); strs.add("b");
        return strs;

   public String ggetStr() {
       return "abc";


EDIT: I have included the library .jar file in the WAR/WEB-INF/lib folder - no difference.

Below is the two classes for completeness:

package com.cloudtest.lib;

public class ClassInLibProj {




public class ClassInLocalProj {



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I may be wrong, but it seems that the only way currently for your method not to be included is to make that private in your class.

This is because:

  • If your method is annotated with APIMethod, then it is included
  • If you method is not annotated with APIMethod but it is public, it is taken too. This is likely because of the API annotation at the top.

There is an issue raised :

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