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I am using aspx pages in my website. when user open my Desktop Website in mobile I want to go be redirected to my Mobile Website. I am using C#.

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Your mobile link shows an empty page. –  Dementic Jan 9 at 7:40
you can achieve a redirect e.g. by returning http header "Location" in response to the request. –  ShinTakezou Jan 9 at 7:40
the link on your Desktop Version of the website to the mobile website returns a 404 error. –  Dementic Jan 9 at 7:40
possible duplicate of Mobile Device Detection in asp.net –  pravprab Jan 9 at 7:54
Sorry unfortunately my mobile page under construction. –  BlueBurn India Jan 10 at 2:42

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You can either check for Request.Browser["IsMobileDevice"] == "true" using the framework as explained here:


Or you can use 51Degrees.mobi which is shown here:


A good comparission can be found here:


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You can get UserAgent in C# using Request.UserAgent.

Try this:

string strUA = Request.UserAgent.Trim().ToLower();
bool isMobile = false;
    if (strUA .Contains("ipod") || strUA .Contains("iphone"))
        isMobile = true;

    if (strUA .Contains("android"))
        isMobile = true;

    if (strUA .Contains("opera mobi"))
        isMobile = true;

    if (strUA .Contains("windows phone os") && strUA .Contains("iemobile"))
        isMobile = true;

    if (strUA .Contains("palm")
        isMobile = true;

    bool MobileDevice = Request.Browser.IsMobileDevice;
    if(isMobile == true && MobileDevice == true)
      string Url = ""; // Put your mobile site url

Note: IsMobileDevice is not actively updated with new browsers.

Some of the popular mobile devices/browsers won’t be detected using this way because ASP.NET browser files are not supported in Opera Mobile or Android devices.

As a fix of this problem is : use 51Degrees.Mobi package. 51Degrees.Mobi package

Read this article: Mobile Device Detection

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