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I have a reasonably fresh VS2010 + RS8.1 installation but for some reason the option to add an abbreviation to the abbreviations list is missing :-( So if I AltEnter eg. "ClientID" I would expect to get the option to add "ID" to the abbreviations list (along with the option to rename it to "ClientId" of course). But I don't.

Anyone know how to reenable this again?

edit: I found out where to maintain the list manually: ReSharper - Options - Code editing - C# - Naming style

Thanks in advance

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They moved it...

When you hit Alt+Enter, go to "Options for 'Inconsistent Naming' inspections" | Add 'ID' to the abbreviation list ...

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No wonder I couldn't see it :o( –  phuzi Mar 13 at 13:41
When I hit Alt+Enter nothing happens :-( –  dumbledad May 2 at 10:39

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