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I'm trying to use Multi-Tenant Plugin with grails in STS.For this i made an entry in BuildConfig.groovy which is compile ":multi-tenant-single-db:0.8.3" and i followed some instructions like commands: "install-plugin multi-tenant-single-db" after this one more command which is : "mt-quickStart" which successfully installed my plugin.

Now i created one domain class:

class UserInfo {

String address
String email
Long mobile

Long age
static constraints = {

    email email:true,nullable:true,blank:false
    mobile nullable:true,blank:false,size:10..13
    age nullable:true,blank:false
    address nullable:true,blank:false

But when ever i try to run my projectError after running project

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I think you need to define a tenantResolver in resources.groovy:

beans {
    //Make sure to import!


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