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I haven't found a solution to purge old tomcat or jboss logs or any other timestamped logs: catalog.log./server.log.. Basically these logs are rotated by jboss as: server.log, server.log.20131201, server.log.20131203 and so on.

Is there a way I can use logrotate to delete logs older than n days? I don't want to use find inside postrotate or tweak jboss/tomcat logging properties. I just want to know if logrotate can actually achieve this on it's own. I know it's not very productive but I am stuck with a problem where I need answer for this.

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This answer might be helpful: stackoverflow.com/questions/2772021/… –  akhikhl Jan 9 at 8:35
Hey, I know how to tweak tomcat logging to how to manage logs using crons. I used tomcat as just an example. question i have is if logrotate can take care of deletion of old timestamped files all by itself. –  dOps Jan 9 at 9:17
According to the mentioned answer: no –  akhikhl Jan 9 at 9:20
The answer you have provided doesn't talk about unix logrotate, so not sure how you concliuded that. That answer talks about tomcat's own log rotation. –  dOps Jan 9 at 9:57

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anyone can contribute more answer or sugggestions for this?

I am in need for a solution too.


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