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What is the preferred way to generate the client stub from a WSDL file? I tried an Axis2 plugin, it does the job. Can WTP for eclipse generate the client stub as well? What is a better solution?

Can you explain why you recommend such or such a way?

p.s. Does Apache CXF have Eclipse plugins for visual generation of client stub?

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You can use your favorite IDE (Eclipse, IntelliJ, etc.) to do this if the Web Service is not going to be changed so much; for example, when you are trying to use a well-defined web service from another provider.

But when you are developing a Web Service of your own, you may prefer to create the WSDL from Java Code. Then you can use the tools that web service frameworks provide. For example, Apache CXF is a great Web Service framework that provides this functionality in addition to a lot more.

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Yes, WTP can generate the stup for you. Try to create a new Web Service project.

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