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I got an error message as follows in my firebug console. Password fields present on an insecure (http://) page. This is a security risk that allows user login credentials ,to be stolen. What is the reason for this error. If this is regarding http and https, what I have to do to convert http:// to https://

enter image description here

Is this issue caused due to any programming error? I am working in a local machine. I think this issue is regarding SSL. I am a php developer. Is there any php code to configure SSL or is it a duty of Server Administrator to configure it in the server? What is the role of a programmer in these kind of errors?

Edit : I solved this issue with the help of a system administrator. He added SSL certificate to the site. It turned my site from http:// to https://

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Sorry for asking these kind of silly questions. But I would like to know about the role of developer in these kind of errors. –  Sajith Jan 9 at 10:31
SSL is a server configuration issue, not done in PHP. –  Barmar Jan 9 at 10:32
Actually, this is not such a simple issue, and you question is not silly. The issue comes up as a warning to say that if your website went into production with only HTTP it would be susceptible to eavesdropping, whereby someone could listen to people entering passwords on your site and receive them as plaintext. –  hooloovoo13 Feb 18 at 15:09

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