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I am trying to attach a Ink Filepicker handler on the whole viewport, so that the user can drop files everywhere in the page. Here is the code i've been trying so far:

window.filepicker.makeDropPane $("html")[0], # or $("body")[0]  
  mimetype: "image/*"
  multiple: true
  dragEnter: -> console.log "dragenter fired"
  dragLeave: -> console.log "dragleave fired"
  onSuccess: (files) -> # do stuff
  onError: (type, message) => # do other stuff
  onProgress: (percent) -> # do other stuff

Every time I drag the files in the browser, the dragLeave is fired immediately after the dragEnter, making impossible for me to do stuff. Furthermore, if I put a div on top of everything to which I create the Filepicker pane, I obviously cannot interact with the page content anymore, unless I recognize the dragenter event independently by the one triggered by Filepicker so that i can change the z-index on-the-fly.

Let me know if i am not clear. Thanks in advance.

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This solved this issue for me: stackoverflow.com/a/10867618/2698282 –  Paul Arterburn Feb 5 at 23:14
so how did you end up fixing this? –  David Aug 21 at 10:07

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