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I'm running PostgreSQL 9.2.6 on OS X 10.6.8. I would like to import data from a CSV file with column headers into a database. I can do this with the COPY statement, but only if I first manually create a table with a column for each column in the CSV file. Is there any way to automatically create this table based on the headers in the CSV file?

Per this question I have tried

COPY test FROM '/path/to/test.csv' CSV HEADER;

But I just get this error:

ERROR: relation "test" does not exist

And if I first create a table with no columns:


I get:

ERROR: extra data after last expected column

I can't find anything in the PostgreSQL COPY documentation about automatically creating a table. Is there some other way to automatically create a table from a CSV file with headers?

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You can't find anything in the COPY documentation, because COPY cannot create a table for you.
You need to do that before you can COPY to it.

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