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I'm new to Android and have successfully implemented an ArrayAdapter to display a list of simple objects in a ListView. I have also created a class that extends SQLiteOpenHelper and I'd like to use this to display a list of rows from the database in the ListView.

From what I can tell, it seems like I should be using a Loader to asynchronously query the data, and act as a middle man between my data and the UI.

The Loader and CursorLoader documentation only refers to how to achieve this when querying a ContentProvider. This led me to think that the best approach may be to create a ContentProvider which provides a structured interface to my database - but the Android documentation on creating a ContentProvider states:

You don't need a provider to use an SQLite database if the use is entirely within your own application.

Are there any particular reasons why I shouldn't write a ContentProvider? Unless I'm missing something it seems like this would provide a good abstraction for the data layer and mean I can have all the benefits of using a CursorLoader when consuming it.

In my case the database is only for use by my application - so what alternatives are there and are there any good tutorials which show the process start to finish?


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see this stackoverflow.com/questions/11017646/… –  pskink Jan 9 at 11:29
you can use a cursorloader even if your database isnt wrapped in a contentprovider –  Daniel Bo Jan 9 at 11:42
@pskink - Thanks I will read this in more detail now. It seems strange to me that you have to write your own subclass of CusorLoader. It seems like a very common thing that people would want. –  Matt Wilson Jan 9 at 11:52
@Daniel - how so? The cursor loader seems to require a URI which would only make sense with a ContentProvider? –  Matt Wilson Jan 9 at 11:53
@MattWilson so it is better to write a ContentProvider, maybe a bit more effort but it pays off –  pskink Jan 9 at 11:58

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