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I am sending USSD code on modem through serial port. But always it is giving ERROR in response.

AT commands I am sending are: in sequence:

serialPort.Write("AT+CMGF=0" + "\r\n");
serialPort.Write("AT+CUSD=1,\"*135#\"" + "\r\n");

when I am configuring message format in first AT command, it is giving 'OK' response. But on sending USSD code, response is always 'ERROR'. Why is it so?

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Don't use \n in end of command, use only \r.

Form of CUSD command is: AT+CUSD=1,"*135#",15.

In C# it should be:

serialPort.Write("AT+CMGF=0" + "\r");
serialPort.Write("AT+CUSD=1,\"*135#\",15" + "\r");
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This is correct, always terminate AT command lines with just \r. – hlovdal Apr 2 '14 at 23:41

First, AT command is ended by "\r" in C#. You may also to check TE Character set of your modem.


if Character Set is "UCS2" use the following conversation:

serialPort.Write("AT+CUSD=1,\"" + UnicodeStr2HexStr("*135#") + "\",15" + "\r");


public static String UnicodeStr2HexStr(String strMessage)
    byte[] ba = Encoding.BigEndianUnicode.GetBytes(strMessage);
    String strHex = BitConverter.ToString(ba);
    strHex = strHex.Replace("-", "");
    return strHex;

Please see also (Convert to UCS2)

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