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I want to know how I can working using c# application with yahoo messenger I'm going to create an application with the following specification :
1- my application is standalone application and work on independent computer
2- the application should listen to yahoo messenger and when someone's status change to online send pm for him/her.
I want to find a way to programming I mean programming method or some psudocode I think there are a lot of samples for java but I need some for C#.

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I know of no existing YMSG protocol implementation in C#. If you're determined for your application to be in C# your best bet is to pick one of the java implementations and try to port it. One other option is http://ycoderscookbook.com/. The site has a number of sample programs which may point you in the right direction. The YCC Trainer is in VB.NET but could be easily converted to C# using .NET Reflector.

Your description sounds eerily like a spam bot. If this is your intention keep in mind that:

  • Yahoo's Terms of Service prohibit this*
  • IM spamming is easily blocked by using a whitelist/blacklist

*Then again they also prohibit reverse engineering of their protocol and unauthorized use by thirdparty programs... considering the number of Y-Messenger clients out there they don't enforce this very well.

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No not spam I just want to auto responser for some customer –  kamiar3001 Jan 20 '10 at 15:21
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