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Here is the problem. In every action I map in struts.xml, I have always to point on JSP page using path as shown below:


and so on.

If there is way to configure, say package name="base" in struts.xml to point on WEB-INF/jsp folder, as folder where struts should search for pages assigned in result tag? Later on I can extend other packages from base and use as default JSP resources folder.

I did try use

<constant name="struts.convention.result.path" value="/WEB-INF/jsp" />

but there are no success, if line above exists in struts.xml or doesn't. Struts still look for pages in base WebContent folder

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If you are using convention plugin for your mappings why do you need to do so in xml? –  Roman C Jan 9 at 14:25
as I mention in discussion with Andres below, I didnt find way to make it without convention plugin. I only found way to assign search path of jsp files for struts in conjunction with struts convention plugin. If u know way to make it with pure xml struts configuration I am happy to hear it. –  simar Jan 10 at 6:33
if you are using convention plugin forget about xml configuration, it's only used to set the global settings to your struts application and in most cases should be abstract. –  Roman C Jan 10 at 12:30
This is good question, but you can't modify configuration at runtime, thus you have to build your own config provider (that's what the convention plugin does) or build results on the fly, that might be not the best solution including a convention plugin. –  Roman C Jan 17 at 11:48

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Add a slash at the end:

<constant name="struts.convention.result.path" value="/WEB-INF/jsp/" />

and ensure you are specifying the result location without an initial slash:


       @Result(name="success" , location="/success.jsp"),
       @Result(name="input"   , location="/index.jsp")


       @Result(name="success" , location="success.jsp"),
       @Result(name="input"   , location="index.jsp")
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didnot help. To clerify: to use convention plugin in struts(which gives ability to use result path constant) presence of struts convention library in the classpath is enought? –  simar Jan 9 at 13:38
It should work, something is broken elsewhere :/ Are you successfully using the Convention plugin (by using annotations instead of struts.xml config) ? Ensure you are specifying the page without the slash in the result location definition –  Andrea Ligios Jan 9 at 13:46
last question. Is this constant work only in case of using annotations? because i prefer xml. It is much easier for me to manipulate with xml without recompile code. XML, is just a personal preference. –  simar Jan 9 at 13:52
Convention came to replace XML... why using Convention if you want to stick to the old XML way ? Convention offers annotations, "zero-config", package scan and so on. Lots of the features doesn't even need to be coded or configured: eg. if you write a class inside a package called "action", it will be published as action, with no need to declare it. I liked xml too... before discovering what convention can do. It is not just annotations instead of xml... –  Andrea Ligios Jan 9 at 14:00
BTW now is clear that your problem was related to not using the convention plugin... in XML you always have to define the full path AFAIK. –  Andrea Ligios Jan 9 at 14:01

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