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how do I bind a DataGrid to a collection ? (e.g : List ).

i used this :

Datagrid dg = new Datagrid();
dg.DataSource = myCollection;

but after this, the Datagrid still doesn't display the data from the collection.

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The same way as you bind a datagrid to a DataTable/DataSet. Your object properties will behave like column names when databinding.

DataGrid1.DataSource = myList;
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List<string> lst= new List<string>();

lst.Add("your string");

Datagrid dg = new Datagrid();

disclaimer: I have not run this code, but this should give your a general idea

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You have to add your Datagrid object (dg) to your form.

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Just set YourDataGrid.Datasource to the instance name of the List and call the YourDataGrid.DataBind() function.

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