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I have an application which is published using ClickOnce deployment to a fileserver, and this works fine. I now have the need to deploy this application to another one of our offices which is on a completely different domain. I can connect to a UNC path, or map a network drive to the path where this needs to be deployed (using different credentials provided by the domain admin) however I cannot publish my ClickOnce to this path as it claims it is not accessible. I assume that this is due to it being published using my default windows identity which not being on the domain does not have access to this path.

I need to publish to this path (due to the well documented issues around not being able to publish and copy auto updating ClickOnce deploys), is there any way I can specify different credentials when publishing?

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Ok, in the end just ended up deploying locally, making any required changes to the manifest using MageUI and copying over

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