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I'm writing an application that needs to use OpenGL, on the Mac, in C++.

Is there anyway I can get Cocoa to just give me an OpenGL context and let me do my work in C++? (I want my app to run on both Mac OS X and iPHone; but all the GUI is in OpenGL, I just need a OpenGL context).


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You cannot escape a minimal amount of objective-C code. However, if you rename the objective C files to .mm files, the objective C code will be able to call c++ class methods. This means you can hook the -drawRect (and other relevent NSOpenGLView messages) to your c++ OpenGL implementation. The NSOpenGLView has a -makeCurrent method that you can call outside of drawRect to ensure that the correct OpenGL context is active.

Your c++ code can then simply call gl functions as needed.

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Look into NSOpenGLView. In drawRect: in your subclass, you can access the view's context and call your OpenGL code.

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