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The following domain:


is pointing to my site. They are directing to my dedicated IP for https://hsoto.me which is my domain.

I asked GoDaddy for help, but the only thing they told me is to make an .htaccess file and block all requests from unknown domains, and that's all they could do for me since they are not entitled to do anything else.

Since I have never used mod_rewrite before does someone know how to block incoming requests from websites other than me.

I do not want to block requests from links though, like:

<a href="https://hsoto.me">Go to Site</a>

Is it possible?


I have found this thread, which apparently does what I need, but I can't really understand much of the .htaccess file code it has. Can someone give me a clear example please?

htaccess - Deny requests from unauthorized domains

NameVirtualHost *:80

   ServerName dummy
   <Location />
     Order deny,allow
     Deny from all

   ServerName www.yourdomain.example
   ServerAlias yourdomain.example
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You want to block some requests to your server, based on whether the request was the result of an HTML link being clicked? No, that's not possible –  Clive Jan 9 at 13:30
It's not? Even though it is not always available, checking HTTP_REFERER would be sufficient for most cases. –  Sean Bright Jan 9 at 13:32
@SeanBright The referer is not reliable, I wouldn't consider that to be a sustainable solution –  Clive Jan 9 at 13:35
In OP's situation, an option that is unreliable is certainly better than no option at all. Saying it isn't possible is misleading. –  Sean Bright Jan 9 at 13:42
@SeanBright Not at all. It's not possible to identify whether or not a request is the result of a link having being clicked - which is what the OP has asked for. You can guess, based on ephemeral and easy to spoof request data, but you can't be sure. Using the referrer might be a hack around the immediate problem, but it's certainly not a solution. –  Clive Jan 9 at 13:49

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The cause of the problem is a faulty DNS setting. You've bound both domains to the same IP. The common solution is to use virtual hosting (recommended). You need to create a virtual host for both domains. .htaccess is not the proper place for that.

However, if you are using .htaccess then you need to check for REQUEST_URI and not for HTTP_REFERRER (as others suggested):

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^hsoto\.com\/.*
RewriteRule .* - [F]
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This partially solves the problem, now the thing is, this also blocks links from other sites. They block requests from: <a href="https://hsoto.me">Link</a> is there a way to prevent this? I would like to target only this domain trying to make requests from me. –  hsoto Jan 9 at 13:59
@Yisera First question: Do you want to point to both domains to the same IP (and use virtual hosting) ? –  hek2mgl Jan 9 at 14:02
This is Godaddy hosting. I don't really have a say on that matter I think. I would like to use virtualhost as suggested in this answer: stackoverflow.com/questions/13872892/… so that it only blocks the request from the site that is copying me. –  hsoto Jan 9 at 14:04
Is this YOUR domain? www.moonlightbeachclub.com –  hek2mgl Jan 9 at 14:05
No it is not. That's someone else's domain –  hsoto Jan 9 at 14:08

You can Deny visitors by referrer

e.g. .htaccess

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} www.moonlightbeachclub\.com [NC]
RewriteRule .* - [F] 
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It's still letting me through when I visit moonlightbeachclub.com –  hsoto Jan 9 at 13:37
@Yisera (www\.)?moonlightbeachclub\.com then... –  Clive Jan 9 at 13:39
Still goes through, but this time it does not display any css. However it does display the text and everything else. –  hsoto Jan 9 at 13:47
That's wrong. Check my answer –  hek2mgl Jan 9 at 13:55

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