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This is my code which I am getting syntax error in my INSERT statement for:

string strSql = "INSERT INTO Responses (OCR, DeadlineDate, OCR Title) VALUES ('"+textBox5.Text+"','"+textBox7.Text+"', '"+textBox6.Text+"')";

OleDbConnection newConn = new OleDbConnection(strProvider);
OleDbCommand dbCmd = new OleDbCommand(strSql, newConn);


any ideas?

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The column name OCR Title is invalid, you have to escape it using [] like [OCR Title]:

INSERT INTO Responses (OCR, DeadlineDate, [OCR Title]) VALUES( ...

Also, please try to use parametrized queries instead of concatenating the values:

string strSql = "INSERT INTO Responses (OCR, DeadlineDate, [OCR Title]) VALUES (?, ?, ?)";

using (OleDbConnection newConn = new OleDbConnection(strProvider))
  using (OleDbCommand dbCmd = new OleDbCommand(strSql, newConn))
    dbCmd.CommandType = CommandType.Text;
    dbCmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("OCR", textBox5.Text);
    dbCmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("DeadlineDate", textBox7.Text);
    dbCmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("[OCR Title]", textBox6.Text);
    newConn .Open();
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Better to always put brackets around column names, when upgrading to a new database version who knows whether e.g. OCR becomes a keyword. –  Silvermind Jan 9 at 14:10

I guess the syntax error isn't related to c# but to SQL statement.

Maybe you need escape on textBoxes values and text qualifier for "OCR Title" table name.

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