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Is there a way to get the column names of a table in Cassandra with libcql (https://github.com/datastax/cpp-driver)? I could not find a relevent API calls in the C++ driver.

Any help is highly appreciated.

Regards, Saurav

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cqllib is CQL3 compliant so why not just query the system tables? The example on the page you linked actually shows how to retrieve information about the keyspaces in the cluster.

As for the columns, the queries you are after:

 SELECT * FROM system.schema_columns;
 // or specify a keyspace to make column retrieval more specific 
 SELECT * FROM schema_columns WHERE keyspace_name='ks_name';
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Hi, thanks for your reply. The method mentioned by you is definitely doable. However, I was mostly looking for an API on the lines of get_index(...) or column_type() or column_class in cql::cql_result_t Class of libcql. Something like get_column_name(int column_index). This is helpful while iterating over a result set so as to associate the column names to the records. get_index(...) takes the column name to return its index, so what I was looking for is the reverse. –  Saurav Haloi Jan 10 '14 at 6:11

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