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Is there a way to copy local files with curl, I need it to work as an alternative for cp command.

This is a bit strange, but I'm working on an environment where cp is not available.

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You could say:

curl file:///path/to/source/file -o /path/to/destination

This would copy /path/to/source/file to /path/to/destination.

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you can use rsync

rsync -avz /path/to/src/file /path/to/dst/dir

You can also use tar

cd /path/to/src/dir; tar -cpf - sourcefile | (cd /path/to/dest/dir; tar -xpf -)

if your tar support -C

cd /path/to/src/dir; tar -cpf - sourcefile | tar -xpf - -C /path/to/dest/dir
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