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I'm using Apache Camel version 2.10.0 and I currently have the following in my camelContext in XML format:

    <json id="jack" library="Jackson" unmarshalTypeName="package.name.PojoClassName"/>

I want to move it to Java Config, but I can't seem to do it without using a deprecated method. This is a trimmed down version of what I got:

public class MyCamelConfig extends CamelConfiguration {
    protected void setupCamelContext(CamelContext context) {
        // "getDataFormats()" is deprecated
        context.getDataFormats().put("jack", getJack());

    public List<RouteBuilder> routes() {
        // bunch of route builders created and returned

    public DataFormatDefinition getJack() {
        //create and return a DataFormatDefinition

I have been unable to find a non-deprecated way to do this.

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It looks like the following works:

protected void setupCamelContext(CamelContext context) {
    ModelCamelContext modelContext = (ModelCamelContext) context;
    modelContext.getDataFormats().put("jack", getJack());

I just cast the CamelContext to a ModelCamelContext.

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