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I'm using colour box on a project and this error in IE is causing the rest of the script to brake thanks to a uncaught type error for .split on line 11 any clues would be great

Drupal.behaviors.PROJECT = {

attach: function (context, settings) {

  $(".inlinepop").colorbox({inline:true, width:"50%", href:"#login-pop"});

  //Solve problem with Youtube videos overflow
  params = '?wmode=transparent&rel=0';
  url = $('#content').find('iframe').attr('src');
  url = url.split('?');
  url = url[0] + params;
  $('#content').find('iframe').attr('src', url);

  //Set max width of video according to div
  width_container = $('#content').find('.node-content').width();
  $('#content').find('iframe').attr('width', width_container);
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that's weird. One thing you should definitely do differently though is put var before your variable declarations. They way you're doing this now is setting them all as "Global Variables" –  Zach L Jan 9 at 15:25
the next thing I would suggest would be running those lines one-at-a-time in the IE JavaScript console. Start with what $('#content').find('iframe').attr('src'); gives you. (though you may have to do $=jQuery 1st). –  Zach L Jan 9 at 15:26
You could otherwise improve this question be removing the Drupal stuff. Drupal (or server side stuff) is not the cause of your X-Browser problems. Show us the JavaScript as it is output to the Browser, and remove the Drupal tag. –  Zach L Jan 9 at 15:28
Should be more clear this bug happens on all browsers but in IE its causing the rest of the script to break. the drupal.behaviours is browser side as it forms part for the drupal JavaScript api - blog.amazeelabs.com/en/drupal-behaviors-quick-how I'm not too keen changing the global declaration as another part of the system may be using them. –  James Kirkby Jan 9 at 15:30
OH, I learned something about Drupal today! –  Zach L Jan 9 at 15:33

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I bet your problem is that you have more than one youtube video on the page.

The find() method below (line 11 perhaps) will return a set of all iframes, not just one.

url = $('#content').find('iframe').attr('src');

You probably want to iterate over all of these:

$('#content iframe').each(function(){
  url = $(this).attr('src');
  url = url.split('?');
  url = url[0] + params;


I turned $('#content').find('iframe') into $('#content iframe') in my example above. find() seems redundant. This should behave the same way

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If it returns more than one, it will still work as long as the first one has a src attribute. –  Kevin B Jan 9 at 15:42
I believe you (but am going to test now). Was just guessing ;-) –  Zach L Jan 9 at 15:44
i'm guessing the Uncaught TypeError: can also be produced if there wasn't any yt videos on the page as well as multiple which is more likely in this case to be the issue, the bug is squashed locally but i'll let you know when i try it on clients environment –  James Kirkby Jan 9 at 15:47

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