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I am running Win8 on my Asus Laptop running Virtualbox with a Debian guest which is acting as my development environment. I have my host D:/Avolans folder mounted in Virtualbox which can then be found in my guest as /mnt/Avolans.

In this 'Avolans' folder I have (for this question minimised) two folders:

  • Projects/ Containing sub-folders with the name of a project (ie. example.com/)
  • Frameworks/ Containing sub-folders with git clones of a framework (ie. cakephp/)

I am working on a project in the CakePHP framework and the website itself is running perfectly, so there are no problems on that side. So I think my installation is done as it's supposed to be done.

Just for ref: the Apache's virtualhost is DocumentRoot is pointing to the mounted folder (ie. /mnt/Avolans/Projects/example.com/www/app/webroot) and there is a copy of the CakePHP git clone lib/ in the right place as well.


Now I would like to have a global accessible cake command to be available in my Virtualbox so that I can actually run cake Socket instead of having to do:

cd /mnt/Avolans/Projects/example.com/www/app
Console/cake Socket

Making it global makes much more sense and I have this method in use on my live server as well. When everything was locally installed on my Virtualbox this worked just fine. This is what the docs suggest too.

edit apparently I went full retard yesterday and removed a paragraph by accident when reviewing my own question, so here is some info about the PATH ...

Since I'm on a local guest which is only accessible via my own computer, I am running everything under root. That way I don't have to sudo commands to make my life easier. In the /root/.bashrc I have the following line:

export PATH="$PATH:/mnt/Avolans/Frameworks/cakephp/lib/Cake/Console"

I want this cake to be at /mnt/Avolans/Frameworks/cakephp/lib/Cake/Console so that the global cake is always of the latest version as pulled from Github and makes me less dependent of my Virtualbox. This way I can simply copy 'D:/Avolans' to my other HDD for backups.

But for some reason I can not run the cake shell when the lib/ folder is on a mount? So my question is:

How can I use CakePHP Console/cake in Virtualbox when my files are mounted via the "Shared Folders" option?

FYI Some things I tried


  • app/ and lib/ installed locally on the Virtualbox (just as it would be on the live server)
  • cake pointing to the local lib/Cake/Console folder.


  • app/ and lib/ mounted via Virtualbox 'Shared Folders' (as I would like it to have)
  • cake pointing to the mounted lib/Cake/Console folder


  • app/ and lib/ mounted via Virtualbox 'Shared Folders' (as I would like it to have)
  • Shell running directly via Console/cake when cd app/

error: : No such file or directory

WORKS and is better than the first option, but it's not ideal

  • app/ mounted via Virtualbox 'Shared Folders' (as I would like it to have)
  • lib/ installed locally
  • cake pointing to the locally installed lib/Cake/Console folder

Some extra specs

  • Virtualbox 4.3.4 r91027
  • Host: Windows 8.1
  • Guest: Debian 7.3 (Wheezy)
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