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I have recently linux mint 16 on my secondary hardrive on my computer and I have run into a bit of an issue. When I have an application open, the left and right click of the mouse will stop working, even outside the window of the application. When this occurs I cannot ALT-TAB out, only close the program with ALT-F4. I have had this occur when using gparted, terminal, firefox and eclipse so I am sure it is not a problem related to a specific application

Any help would be greatly appreciated


It was just my crappy R.A.T 5 mouse, found the solution with this helpful video:

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Just to let you know the mouse is a R.A.T 5 and works fine on windows – user3078645 Jan 9 '14 at 15:53

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it was an error in the key mapping of my mouse which was solved by following this video:

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