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I have no idea why this isn't displaying anything. I am trying to get the information in the var txt to generate dynamically in the html!

function byId (id) {
    return document.getElementById(id);

var txt = '{"characters":[' +
'{"fullName":"John Doe","speci":"human male","occup":"Web Personality","cide":"Sleeper","descr":"blah","biog":"blarg","allia":"chaos good" },' +
'{"fullName":"Jane Doe","speci":human female",occup":"Movie Producer","cide":"Citric","descr":"bluh","biog":"blurg","allia":"neutral" },' +
'{"fullName":"Canter Doma","speci":alien male",occup":"Chef","cide":"Galv","descr":"bleh","biog":"blerg","allia":"evil" }]}';

var obj = eval ("(" + txt + ")");

byId("fname").innerHTML = obj.characters[1].fullName;
byId("spec").innerHTML = obj.characters[1].speci;
byId("occu").innerHTML = obj.characters[1].occup;
byId("cid").innerHTML = obj.characters[1].cide;
byId("desc").innerHTML = obj.characters[1].descr;
byId("bio").innerHTML = obj.characters[1].biog;
byId("alli").innerHTML = obj.characters[1].allia;

I have a test link here.

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Did you check for syntax errors? Try running through and using JSON.parse() – megawac Jan 9 '14 at 16:33 I fixed the syntax errors and it's still not working – riotgear Jan 9 '14 at 16:37
JavaScript strings can't span multiple lines. Make sure to check your JS console for errors. – Rocket Hazmat Jan 9 '14 at 16:40
Why are you trying to create JSON by hand, when there are perfectly fine functions to do this for you? – Barmar Jan 9 '14 at 16:42
And there are also JSON parsing functions, why resort to eval? – Barmar Jan 9 '14 at 16:43
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This might be better if you weren't using eval.

You were missing quotes in occup and alien.

     "fullName":"John Doe",
     "speci":"human male",
     "occup":"Web Personality",
     "allia":"chaos good"
     "fullName":"Jane Doe",
     "speci":"human female",
     occup":"Movie Producer",
     "fullName":"Canter Doma",
     "speci": "alien male",
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Hmmm this is all very helpful. I do know really know best practices. I just find a sample online and run with it. Last 2 things Im trying to escape out to add an image into my array but it is breaking the array also. How do I write this so that it spits out all of the characters onto the page at once. I am learning and I do not know what to call everything just yet. – riotgear Jan 9 '14 at 17:14
You're trying to run before you can walk. Read a good JS book like "Javascript: The Good Parts" before starting on a project like this. Also consider using a library like JQuery, for cleaner HTML handling code. – slim Jan 9 '14 at 17:19

Multiple issues:

  • Your JSON is not correctly formatted. Use to verify syntax.
  • JavaScript strings cannot span multiple lines.
  • Use JSON.parse instead of eval. See this.

Updated fiddle:

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  1. Just a couple of double quotes missing.
  2. This part: var obj = eval ("(" + txt + ")"); is not necessary I set it like this var obj = txt; for quickness.

Take a look to your code:

See your code now:

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You have multiple syntax errors with missing quotation marks " - Make sure the code is written correctly before assuming you did something wrong... Otherwise seems like it should work...

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Yes. Yes! Thank you all This is exactly what I had in mind. Any idea how I can make my character array spit out all of the data on the page at once. Like if I had 30 different characters and wanted them all to display. – riotgear Jan 9 '14 at 16:59

Your string should look like this:

var txt='{'
+    '"characters": ['
+        '{'
+            '"fullName": "John Doe",'
+            '"speci": "human male",'
+            '"occup": "Web Personality",'
+            '"cide": "Sleeper",'
+            '"descr": "blah",'
+            '"biog": "blarg",'
+            '"allia": "chaos good"'
+        '},'
+        '{'
+            '"fullName": "Jane Doe",'
+            '"speci": "humanfemale",'
+            '"occup": "Movie Producer",'
+            '"cide": "Citric",'
+            '"descr": "bluh",'
+            '"biog": "blurg",'
+            '"allia": "neutral"'
+        '},'
+        '{'
+            '"fullName": "Canter Doma",'
+            '"speci": "alienmale",'
+            '"occup": "Chef",'
+            '"cide": "Galv",'
+            '"descr": "bleh",'
+            '"biog": "blerg",'
+            '"allia": "evil"'
+        '}'
+    ']'

But as noted in the comments, doing this parsing by hand isn't the best practice.

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There are missing quotes in your JSON. For example:

"speci":"human female",occup": "Movie Producer",

... is missing the opening quote for "occup" (and there are more, similar errors).

Fix these and your code works.

However, it's not good practice to use eval() to parse JSON, since it allows injection of code other than data structure assignment.

Use JSON.parse() instead:

var obj = JSON.parse(txt);

I assume you are writing JSON strings by hand as a way to experiment. Don't do this in real code. Use JSON.stringify(), or its equivalent on the server-side language.

If you really want your data inline with your code, you don't need JSON at all - just declare it in-place:

var obj = { characters: [
   {"fullName":"John Doe","speci":"human male", ... },
   {"fullName":"Jane Doe","speci":human female", ... },
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