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I am using ffprobe to get information regarding decoded video frames:

ffprobe -i <input_file_container> -show_frames -select_streams v > output_file.txt

but this way I can only see info of successfully decoded frames from the multimedia container.

I run some kind of packet loss simulation, so I need to extract "frame time position", "frame type", etc. of un-decoded, e.g. degraded frames from the multimedia container, ie. mpeg-4 transport stream. I get some messages to standard error output, which are hard to understand (and there are no specific information whatsoever!), so I am looking for output more like that, made from -show_frames argument.

Is there any facility capable of this, e.g. version, ffmpeg module or even some other software with appropriate video decoding software, i.e. H.264 compliant, which can extract frame header information and predicted frame type from the multimedia container?

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