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I add two inputs:

<select class="form-control formPosition" name="position[]" style = "margin-bottom:3px; margin-right: 5px; width: 215px; display: inline-block"><option value=""></option>{{positions|raw}}</select>
  <select class="form-control formWorker" name="worker[]" style = "margin-bottom:3px;width: 215px; display: inline-block"><option value=""></option>{{users|raw}}</select>

As you can see list of options are send from the action, controller (it's written in Symfony 2). And know, in my Twig file I have this:

             {% for worker in workers %}
              {% if loop.first == true %}
                    {% include 'singlePositionItem.html.twig' with {'first':true} %}
                {% else %}
                    {% include 'singlePositionItem.html.twig' %}            
                {% endif %}
                    {% if worker is defined %}
                    {% endif %}
            {% endfor %}
        {% else %}
            {% include 'singlePositionItem.html.twig' with {'first':true}%}
        {% endif %}

singlePositionItem is of course file with this two selects. I have to add them on a list for each worker in workers array send from the action. Normally it works fine like this, options are selected by this selector:last, cause this script is in loop so every time the last .formPosition and .formWorker and different and my list is shown fine.

My problem is when want to do the same in a modal window (it's called by jquery after clickin a button) the same code works only for a last select. For example when i have 5 workers in first case everything works fine in the second case with modal window only last worker is shown correctly, all of the rest is blank. I checked that in this case every time last selector is always this last, like this script is done after this twig file is rendered ... Do you have guys any ideas how I can achieve my effect in a modal window ?

I was thinkin about something like this


But in 'i' I have only 0, and to be honest I have no idea how I can bring data by using index in jquery with my workers array, for example it should be for the first .formPosition -> workers.0.positionId, for the second found .formPosition -> workers.1.positionId. Maybe I can make loop for the all .formPosition items found somehow ? I will appreciate any ideas.

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