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How can I return multiple random elements from a List .

This question How to choose a random element from an array in Scala? refers to using :

import scala.util.Random
val A = Array("please", "help", "me")

The mutable in me is thinking I could create a for loop and keep selecting the next random element (excluding the one already selected) and add that to a new List. Is there a more idiomatic/functional way to achieve this in Scala ?

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Random.shuffle(A.toList).take(n) –  senia Jan 9 '14 at 17:34
"take" implements this using a loop. It is probably explained by the performance reasons. –  HappyCoder Jan 9 '14 at 17:59
@HappyCoder: yes, Random.shuffle(A.toIndexedSeq).take(n) is better. –  senia Jan 9 '14 at 18:20

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The head method will return the first element of the list, but take(n) will return up to n elements from the front of the list. So after you shuffle the list, just use take:

def takeRandomN[A](n: Int, as: List[A]) =

If your list as is shorter than n then this will simply shuffle as.

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More "conservative" variant without using mutables/vars. Just for the sake of exercise:

def takeRandomFrom[T](n: Int, list: List[T]): List[T] = {
  def innerTake(n:Int, list: List[T], result: List[T]): List[T] = {
    if (n == 0 || list.isEmpty) {
} else {
  innerTake(n - 1, list.tail, list.head :: result)

  innerTake(n, Random.shuffle(list), Nil)

takeRandomFrom(2, Array("please", "help", "me").toList)
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