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The title says it all, I am very new to chrome extensions(this is my first extension).

I am making a basic extension which has a simple text field and I want to show its content as an alert on page load.

My popup.html looks like:

      <p>Name: <input type="text" id="test" value="Mickey Mouse"></p>

and my content script has:

  alert("Value: " + $("#test").val());

and manifest.json is:

    "manifest_version": 2,


    "browser_action": {...

     "content_scripts": [
        "matches": ["http://*/*"],
         "js": ["jquery.js","script.js"]

but the webpage always shows:

enter image description here

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Do you want the alert to appear when the popup is shown or when any page is loaded in a tab ? –  ExpertSystem Jan 9 at 18:45
First of all my apologies for this questions...I now understand that I need to establish communication between content script and popup page via message passing...How can I do that? Do you have any ideas? –  Mr_Hmp Jan 9 at 18:49
You cannot access a field in popup unless the popup is visible. As soon as it loses focus and gets hidden, it is unloaded so you can't access it anymore. What exactly are you trying to achieve (utlimately) ? –  ExpertSystem Jan 9 at 19:15

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Trying to access the value of an input that is defined on popup.html from a content script will never work. Remember that content scripts can view the DOM of the page that they are injected into and nothing else. (In your example, the text input is stored within the DOM of popup.html).

One way to get around this is to use message passing. So, from within popup.html you can send a message containing the value of the text input to a content script using the message passing API.

In popup.html you will need to send a message to a content script. You will need to know the tabId of the tab that you want to send the message to...as a simple example something like this will send the text input contents to ALL active tabs:

chrome.tabs.query({}, function(tabs) {
  for(var i = 0; i < tabs.length; i++) {
    chrome.tabs.sendMessage(tabs[i].id, {txt : $("#test").val()}, function(response) {

And if your content script you will need a listener, something like:

chrome.runtime.onMessage.addListener(function(request, sender, sendResponse) {
  //Do stuff with the request here
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The snippet above will not send a message to ALL active tabs; just to the first active tab of the window where the popup is displayed on. Furthermore, chrome.extension.onMessage is deprecated; chrome.runtime.onMessage should be used instead. –  ExpertSystem Jan 9 at 19:18
You are correct, of course. I have edited the answer with your corrections. –  berrberr Jan 9 at 19:26

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