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I'm having an issue where no matter what environment I try to run Rails in it always goes to production. For example:

$ rails c development
Loading production environment (Rails 3.2.16)
1.9.3p484 :001 > 

$ RAILS_ENV=development rails console
Loading production environment (Rails 3.2.16)
1.9.3p484 :001 > 

I first noticed this when I was running the Rails server and it was writing to the production database instead of development. If I run "rails s -e development" it says it starts up in development but still uses the production database.

Here's my config/environment.rb

# Load the rails application
require File.expand_path('../application', __FILE__)

# Initialize the rails application

I tried grepping through the project to see if RAILS_ENV was being set anywhere but I don't see it.

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What does your database.yml file look like? –  ChrisBarthol Jan 9 at 18:23
What is the output of running env in bash/zsh/etc? –  Dan McClain Jan 9 at 18:30
What is the value of Rails.env in console –  junil Jan 9 at 19:16

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Try run:

RAILS_ENV=development bundle exec rails s
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In an initializer I had done "if Rails.env = 'production'" instead of "if Rails.env == 'production'" which was causing the problem. Thanks for the suggestions everyone, I knew it had to be something silly.

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