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I have an HTML code with a form with some hidden fields:

<form id="syncr" name="syncr_form" action="/index.php" method="post">
<input type="hidden" name="form_id" value="sync"></form>

The form is submitted through javascript:

function syncronize() { document.getElementById("syncr").submit(); }

I've noticed very strange behavior of this form - if the user submits the form short time (within a few minutes) after the page loaded it works fine. If the user clicks "submit" button long time (>10 minutes or so) after the page loaded the hidden field "form_id" is not set. I may set it in the submitting javascript but I hope there should be a better solution. Sessions are not used here.

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This should not happen. Perhaps it is a session issue on the server. –  Diodeus Jan 9 at 18:48
Do you have full code? There is no way that wouldn't post unless there is a session timeout or something else that is un-setting that field's value –  mituw16 Jan 9 at 18:52
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