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I have a very weird issue here, the printer and the black and white (binary-2 bit colors) verification work perfectly if I load the BMP from an actual file in a Folder of the PocketStore of the Windows Embedded CE 6 device using FileStream like this:

string str_out = "";
byte[] bBuffer = new byte[iFullFileSize];

Printer_Control(CommonLibDef.CTL_CMD_PRINTER_NOT_USE_SCRIPT, "", ref str_out);//For image printing, always use CTL_CMD_PRINTER_NOT_USE_SCRIPT

if (!PrinterSDKWrapper.ImageSetup_Delete(ImageNum))
string file_name = @"\PocketStore\TestSDK\logobn.bmp";
FileStream fsBmp = new FileStream(file_name, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read);
int iRawFileSize = (int)fsBmp.Length;

int iLen = fsBmp.Read(bBuffer, 0, iRawFileSize);

if (bBuffer[0x1C] != 1)
    MessageBox.Show("Image not in B/W, cannot be used", PrinterSDKWrapper.GetLastErrorDesc().ToString());

if (!PrinterSDKWrapper.ImageSetup_Save(ImageNum, bBuffer, iLen))
    Console.WriteLine("Save Image: " + PrinterSDKWrapper.GetLastErrorDesc().ToString());

However if I embed the BMP in the Visual Studio 2008 project and try to access it using Resources and treat it like a Stream the B/W verification fails and then nothing gets printed:

MemoryStream stream = new MemoryStream();
Resources.logobn.Save(fsBmp, ImageFormat.Bmp);
fsBmp.Position = 0;

Using that the "bBuffer[0x1C] != 1" verification always is true. Thanks in advance for your help.

Update 1: here the bBuffer content in both cases: enter image description here

Update 2: I must add that I'm using resx to embed this image because all of the rest of the images are embedded this way. Somebody pointed me that using reflection to access an embedded resource would be a better approach because seems like the Resource Editor is changing the 0x1c value from 1bit (0x01) to 24 bits (0x18). Bug?

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