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I have the same scenario as this question, but with a different problem:


I've set the AjaxOptions.OnBegin property to call return $('form').validate().form(); which works fine for when validation fails; the validation messages are displayed and the form is not posted. However, since setting AjaxOptions.OnBegin, I now get a full page refresh rather than an Ajax call when there are no validation errors. It only happens if AjaxOptions.OnBegin is set. Any ideas?

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Maybe when AjaxOptions.OnBegin returns true, it exits the Ajax call.

Try setting AjaxOptions.OnBegin to something like

if(!$('form').validate().form()) {
  return false;

Only return false. If its valid, it just continues.

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Yeah i'd already tried that, didn't work :( –  Charlie Jan 20 '10 at 16:34
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I've fixed my problem. I was setting the value of OnBegin to return $("#form").validate().form() which was never going to work because it's expecting a function name, so I created a function:

function validateForm(){
   return $("#form").validate().form();

and set the OnBegin property to validateForm.

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