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I am using word interrop to replace a bookmark This has been working fine I one project, I have the replicated the project in the solution and now

Glabals.thisdocument.mybookmark.text = mystring

No longer substitutes the text and retaking the bookmark

It will remove the bookmark and replace it with '$' + mystring

Is my docx file corrupted?

I have also added new bookmarks in the new doc and the same problem occurs, the original seed document which uses the same code works fine.

Loosing hair over this one

Any help appreciated

I found the CAUSE of the issue and a WORKAROUND.....

SUMMARY: 1. I had a document with SECTION 1+2+3 2. wanted to copy the project and only use section 1 (and remove section 2+3) 3. the problem I got was bookmarks in section 1 got corrupted as detailed above

CAUSE: 1. I copied the word interop project and renamed it 3. I removed sections 2+3 from the docx USING the "navigation" pane and NOT the WYSIWYG editor window (This is what seems to corrupt the bookmarks)

WORK AROUND: 1. USE WYSIWGY editor to delete move sections around using cut/paste (DO NOT USE Navigation pane)


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