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What is the term or name of the operation for getting member of an array? For example, this method returns a simple array:

- (NSArray*)createArray
    NSArray *myArray = [[NSArray alloc] initWithObjects:@"unordentliches array", @"beliebiges Value", nil];
    return myArray;

And I can NSLog one of its elements in the following way:

NSLog(@"%@", [self createArray][1]);


beliebiges Value

Good, no problem here.

But what do we call this operation: [self createArray][1]? One that allows us to -- without first assigning the value to a NSString -- simply put this [1] right next to the the returned value from a method call and output the value?

[self createArray][1];

What is the technical term for this?

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I wouldn't be 100% sure of what its called since I've never given it too much thought, but what you're doing there is creating a temporary object. The result of the function call [self createArray] is not stored, so the NSArray is temporary. Please correct me if I am wrong. –  Alejandro Lucena Jan 9 at 20:22
You are just directly taking the return value of the function and using it. JQuery has chaining built into most of their calls. I don't know if that is the official term for that sort of thing. –  0xFADE Jan 9 at 20:30
@JoshCaswell Sorry, I didn't even know how to call this in order to search for a solution. And the search term "square-bracketed index after an Array" didn't not formulate / fabricate in my mind / imagination as well as it did for the other author linked. Thanks everyone for the time. –  Unheilig Jan 9 at 20:31
No need to apologize; searching for terminology is indeed hard. –  Josh Caswell Jan 9 at 20:31

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Putting the element index in parentheses (or brackets in this case) after an array is called “subscripting”. The index is called a “subscript”.

There is no special name for directly subscripting the array returned by a message without storing the array in a variable first.

Under the covers, the compiler turns the subscripting into another message, like this:

[[self createArray] objectAtIndexedSubscript:1];

Sending a message directly to the object returned by another message is called “message chaining” or “method chaining”.

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Great, thanks, Rob! –  Unheilig Jan 9 at 20:32

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