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So I'm following the 'Think Python' PDF guide and this is my first real hurdle. I tried to follow a guide to install it but it's completely over my head. I know this is vague but if anyone could guide me through it like I'm a pensioner I'd be grateful.

I'm currently using Python 2.7.6. I think I downloaded setup tools and PIP but I can't be too sure.

Sorry for the openness and vagueness of this question but I'm quite stuck.

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Edit: Since you're on Windows, I suggest you download and run this installer for Pip.

Once that's done, if you've downloaded and installed Pip correctly, all you should have to do is open a terminal, type pip install swampy, and press return.

In order to test if you've installed Swampy correctly, do the following:

  1. Open a command prompt.
  2. Type python and press return
  3. Type from TurtleWorld import * and press return.

If you've installed Swampy correctly, you shouldn't see any error messages. If you see something like this ImportError: No module named TurtleWorld, Swampy isn't installed correctly yet.


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Windows. Do I just do it in shell or cmd prompt? Thanks for the help. –  user2925800 Jan 9 at 20:36
@user2925800: Just type it at a command prompt. This is, once again, assuming that pip is installed correctly - how did you install pip? –  Hawk Weisman Jan 9 at 20:38
I went to the lfd.uci.edu site and just downloaded it. I didn't do anything else to it. –  user2925800 Jan 9 at 20:39
Just did the 'pip install swampy' in CMD prompt and nothing unfortunately. –  user2925800 Jan 9 at 20:39
Okay, you should be good. Have fun learning Python! :) –  Hawk Weisman Jan 9 at 20:51
  1. Download Swampy package tar.gz, extract it:

    $ tar -zxvf [swampy-package-name]

  2. cd to Swampy folder, in command line, you type:

    $ sudo python setup.py install

  3. run python

    $ python

    from Swampy.TurtleWorld import *

    • or run follow example of think python

      $ python polygon.py

It work by python. some other python version doesn't work.

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