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I try to minify xhtml pages with htmlcompressor (javascript compiler - GCC - google closure compiler).

GCC optimize quotes usage in strings. If in the string we use single quotes chars then GCC will conclude string in double quotes chars and vise versa. This is worked if we have completed javascript code at build project time, but not worked with JSF.

For example, can not figured out with the issue when we have JSF page with code

<script type="text/javascript">
    var message = "#{my.localized.bundle}"

Where #{my.localized.bundle} is locali'zed message.

If i will try to compress this example NOT on 'fly' but on build project time, then on client javascript code will be broken.

Resulting javascript code (with GCC quote optimizations and after render response JSF phase) will:

<script type="text/javascript">
    var message = 'locali'zed message'


  • GCC have options (flag) which allows disable such useless, for me, optimizations?
  • Which compressor i can use to minify JSF based pages? (except YUI-compiler which also doing the quotes optimizations)
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code in a script typed type="javascript/text" will never fire... –  dandavis Jan 9 at 20:40

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You want your code to be escaped for use within string. You can do this by using the output wrapper command-line options to specify as so:


Here you wouldn't be actually adding any wrapper text but simply taking advantage of the ability to specify that you want the output escaped for use in a string for embedding purposes.

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I do not see option output_wrapper in list of available options code.google.com/p/htmlcompressor/…. Do not quite understand what you suggested to do. Could you tell more detail? –  Mrusful Jan 10 at 4:50
I can't help you there. –  John Jan 10 at 19:58

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