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I am trying to capture the output of a program in unix, and use it as a variable in the expect script. When I excecute the program, I will get something like this:

[user@svr]# ./passwdgenerator

As you can see, the "1234*&^^" is the password I want to capture and put it into the expect script:

set user user1
set password [open ./passwdgenerator]
spawn ssh $
expect "password:"
send "$password\r"

Obviously it's not working currently, just wonder how I should write this. Have tried this on the txt file before, worked. but when it is a program output, and for security reason we don't want to store password in the text file, so it doesn't work. Any expert could give me a hand? Greatly greatly appreciated.!

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Try send "$password" or (maybe) send "$password\n" –  Elliott Frisch Jan 9 '14 at 20:56

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This line

set password [open ./passwdgenerator]

change to

set password [exec ./passwdgenerator]
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