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In my HTML code I have the following input field, which is part of a form:

<input type="text" name="group[{$sConfigurator.groupID}]" value="{$optionTopOptionID}" id="{$formSelectID}" onChange="this.form.submit();"/>

The value is changed by a javascript function. The problem is, that the submission of the form isn't triggered. How can I do this?

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Why would the form be submitted? Show us the function that changes the value, and we'll tell you how to submit the form. –  adeneo Jan 9 at 21:17
Work fine for me. Use Firebug or Web Inspector for detect the problem. –  Guilherme Nascimento Jan 9 at 21:20
Your code should work. Are you typing into the text input, and then clicking off of it, or deactivating it in some other way? –  MattDiamant Jan 9 at 21:20
Does the form contain a submit button? –  fa7d0 Jan 9 at 21:22
How would this work, changing the value programatically should not trigger an onchange event ? –  adeneo Jan 9 at 21:22

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it seems everything is right. try it with a submit input type and lower case of onchange:

<form action="example.php">
  <input type="text" name="group[{$sConfigurator.groupID}]" value="{$optionTopOptionID}" id="{$formSelectID}" onchange="this.form.submit();"/>
  <input type="submit" name="blabla" value="push!" />

is it works?

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