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I have a site with thousand of pages crawled by facebookexternalhit bot.

Can I identify this bot, and serve just the <head> section with the og tags of my page?

Making this, I save some money with bandwidth and database access...

So my question is: What is the impact if I do it? Facebook needs to know what my site has inside the <body> tag?

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Yes, provided there's a full set of meta tags served to Facebook's crawler there doesn't nee to be any other content: this is the similar to the 'pointers' functionality which is the recommended method for some edge-cases in Open Graph sharing: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/opengraph/howtos/using-metadata-pointers

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According to them:

Facebook allows its users to send links to interesting web content to other Facebook users. Part of how this works on the Facebook system involves the temporary display of certain images or details related to the web content, such as the title of the web page or the embed tag of a video. Our system retrieves this information only after a user provides us with a link. You may have found this page because a Facebook user sent a link from your website to other Facebook users. If you have any questions or concerns about any links or content sent by one of our users, please contact us at legal@facebook.com.

Basically if you do what you propose (and it'd be easy with a combination of RewriteCond and one extra QUERY_STRING param) you'll remove the possibility for Facebook to retrieve the meta info they need to build their nice post when an user insert a link in a chat, a private message, or a post.

I would rather try to understand if and when a certain page is hit multiple times in a short period since this shouldn't be the case.

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All tags that facebook need to show the informations at the timeline, is provided by the <head> tag. So, if I have a blank <body>, facebook can show the beautiful post... My concerned is if they use the site content to do other things, like a web search engine... –  Bruno Croys Felthes Jan 9 at 21:47
This is not fully true since Facebook scans the page for alternate images that may be found in the body. I'm not aware of any indexing activity carried by them. I just checked the log of an high traffic website I manage and I've noticed very few hits compared to other spiders. –  elbuild Jan 9 at 21:53
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