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I have a drawing program written in C# over here, and I have a Panel(just an ordinary Panel) inside it. I created a toolbar inside the Panel as a child control, so the user can control the properties of the shapes in this toolbar. But when the Panel was scrolled a certain amount, the toolbar will be scrolled outside of view (FYI the toolbar was docked or anchored to the top of the Panel). So can you please tell me how to let the toolbar stay in view when the Panel was scrolled, because we want the users to edit a shape wherever they are, right?

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The toolbar has to be outside the scrolling panel. –  LarsTech Jan 9 at 21:45
I want the toolbar to be beside the panel, and I could think of no other way than to make the toolbar as the child control. –  VictorPrograss Jan 9 at 23:07
That's fine. Add another panel below the toolbar that is the scrolling content. –  LarsTech Jan 9 at 23:11
What does that suppose to mean? –  VictorPrograss Jan 9 at 23:15
Why is moving the toolbar above the scrolling panel a problem? –  LarsTech Jan 9 at 23:19

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