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Might be having a brain fart this morning, but I need a way to execute some JavaScript at the conclusion of an operation taking place inside an ASP .NET Ajax Update Panel. How can this be accomplished?



Updated based on responses: I was not entirely clear, as both initial answers were correct given what I was asking. In my case I ONLY want the JS to run when a particular event for the control inside the UpdatePanel is executed, sorry for the confusion.

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function endRequest(sender, args) {
    // Executed when ajax request finishes, you could check the sender variable 
    // in order to identify which update panel fired the request
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Nice edit after the fact to trump mine ;P. I'll upvote it for good idea about variable. – KP. Jan 20 '10 at 17:01

Here's a good article on it. I think this is exactly what you're looking for:

Only caveat is that this sample works against any ajax callback so if you have multiple updatepanels it will fire regardless of which one has completed a roundtrip, etc.

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Thanks to KevinP and Darin for their answers. I had actually forgotton about the instance request handlers on script manager. Unfortunetly, in my case I would be firing the end_request everytime the person navigated in the calendar control. I take the blame as I was not clear on all requirements. I have upvoted both of their answers. Here is my final solutions.

(Forgive me this is in VB) Protected Sub mainCalendar_SelectionChanged(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal ev As EventArgs) Dim dtStart As DateTime = mainCalendar.SelectedDates(0) Dim dtEnd As DateTime = mainCalendar.SelectedDates(6)

    Dim alertString As String = _
          "alert('{0}');", dtStart.ToString("d") + " - " + dtEnd.ToString("d")
    scriptManager.RegisterStartupScript(upCalendar, GetType(String), _
        "alert", alertString, True)
End Sub

In this context the alert is only ever displayed on the selection of a week in the calendar, not when the user changes the month or does something else relating to navigation.

Thanks again to both responders for their help

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