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I am trying to connect a PHP application to QuickBooks Online to perform various queries so installed the QuickBooks PHP DevKit onto my webserver and provided the config.php with:

  • My app token where it asks for "Your OAuth token" $token
  • My oAuth consumer key where it asks for "$oauth_consumer_key"
  • My oAuth consumer secret where it asks for "$oauth_consumer_secret"
  • Correct links to the oauth.php, success.php and menu.php
  • username and password for mysql database which I created

The page loads fine and connects to the database (I know it does as the first time I had a password typo) but when I click the logo to connect to QuickBooks I get an error:

Oops! An error has occurred. Please close this window and try again.

Error Code: internal_error Message: Error getting application from request token

I know it's quite a noob question but PHP I'm cool with, oAuth not so much so I don't really know where to look.

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Please post your config.php file, and a screenshot of your application settings on Intuit's site. It's almost certainly something you have mis-configured (maybe an incorrect URL or something) but there's no way we can help you if you don't post what you have. –  Keith Palmer - consolibyte Jan 10 at 1:14

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