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I am a new-ish programmer, so bear with me. On Windows Compact 7, I have programA that can display an image from a memory mapped file. I want to be able to display a PDF. There is a 3rd party PDF reader that I HAVE source code for on the machine.

My idea is to let the PDF viewer render the PDF into an image, then grab a pointer to the rendered PDF buffer and point it to the shared memory space so programA can read in the image and display it.

The only problem is I am struggling to find out how to query/get the pointer to which the viewer is currently holding the rendered image of the PDF. Is there a WINAPI call for this? Is there a common expression for this (like framebuffer in hardware)?

I have googled fruitlessly for awhile but to no avail. If anyone can shed light on if the process I am looking to do is the right way to go about this that would be great.

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