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I am new to iPhone development, I wonder where could I find:

1) the best tutorials to start iPhone programming 2) info or code about how to submit info to a website (example search query to google) and get data back (show summary of query results on iphone)


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You could start by searching properly on stackoverflow - this sort of topic is already well covered within amongst others.

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Well Stanford University has a whole EXTREMELY helpful iTunes U series on the iPhone development process. That should help you. Good luck and HAVE FUN.

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As a new iPhone developer myself, I've found apple's sdk documentation to be the best for learning. The iPhoneCoreDataRecipes package has been my go to for figuring things out. It's got a little bit of everything in it.

I tried to do web tutorials - there are a ton out there, just search iPhone tutorial on the web or on SO - but I found most of them lacking.

There are a couple of classes that you can you use to retrieve a web request. NSURLConnection will be the best one for making POST requests, and if you're querying restful services initializing an NSString with a URL is the easiest method.

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