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I want to be able to validate JRuby syntax in a file from within java. I have tried the following code snippet but it throws a null pointer exception on the last line. I want to catch any SyntaxException that is thrown. The javadocs on this area of JRuby are limited, so I'm not sure I've got the argument lists right. Can anyone see what I've done wrong or suggest a better way to do this?

Ruby runtime = JavaEmbedUtils.initialize(new ArrayList());
RubyParser jrubyParser = new DefaultRubyParser();
CompatVersion version = CompatVersion.RUBY1_8;

ParserConfiguration config = new ParserConfiguration(runtime, 0, true, version);
InputStream in = new FileInputStream(filename);
LexerSource source = new InputStreamLexerSource(filename, in, new ArrayList<String>(), 1, false);
jrubyParser.parse(config, source);
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