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I made an installer that include smaller files in it and downloads bigger files from a server using InnoTools Downloader. But that means I have to specify every file to download, in which directory I need to copy it from temp directory and so on.

My question is: if I include everything inside the installer splitting it with disk span, is there a way to make the installer download these parts (MyProgram-1.bin, MyProgram-2.bin. etc) prior to the installation (as it already happens in my script but with larger program files) in the same installer folder or temp and then when you advance with the installation it continue extracting files from the parts?

In brief: 1_ user get the installer.exe 2_ user run installer.exe and it automatically downloads archive parts (MyProgram-1.bin; etc) 3_ user click next and go on with installation 4_ installer extract and install all files 5_ (if possible) user finish and close installer and all downloaded parts are deleted automatically

Thanks a lot for your help!

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