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I have a real problem with gestures manipulation in Windows 8.1 store apps, I'm building an application where I'm implementing two gestures :

  1. Pinch To Zoom.
  2. Swiping.

For Pinch To Zoom I use ManipulationStarted -> ManipulationDelta -> ManipulationCompleted
For Swiping I use PointerPressed -> PointerMoved -> PointerReleased

The problem is that when ManipulationStarted fires when attempting to do a PinchToZoom operation, the PointerPressed events fires too ! and cuz the other gesture to perform too !

I can figure out the best manner to separate these to gestures, what's the best practice to do so, I should be missing something about the gestures mechanism.

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I've edited your question, see why:… – Arin Ghazarian Jan 10 '14 at 0:57
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You can use the OnManipulationDelta method to work with zoom and swiping.


<Canvas >
  <Image  ManipulationMode='All'
       <CompositeTransform  />

  <Image  ManipulationMode='All'
    <CompositeTransform />
<Rectangle Fill='#7FFFAAAB'
           Width='300' />
<Rectangle Fill='#7F738D01'
           Width='300' />


// override the OnManipulationDelta method, instead of setting up event procedures

protected override void OnManipulationDelta(ManipulationDeltaRoutedEventArgs args)
    // All the Image elements have ManipulationMode = All enabled
    // The other elements on the page have manipulations disabled
    // therefore the OriginalSource can only be an image, no need to test for null

    var currentImage = args.OriginalSource as Image;
    var transform = currentImage.RenderTransform as CompositeTransform;

    transform.TranslateX += args.Delta.Translation.X;
    transform.TranslateY += args.Delta.Translation.Y;

    transform.ScaleX *= args.Delta.Scale;
    transform.ScaleY *= args.Delta.Scale;

    transform.Rotation += args.Delta.Rotation;



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Since you didn't provide code, I'm guessing how you implemented your Manipulation events.

If you are using the GestureRecognizer class it can also track swipes with the Dragging event handler.

GestureRecognizer knows what type of gesture is currently being expressed by the user.

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I'm not using GestureRecognize, I'm using the normal ManipulationStarted/Delta/Completed associated events with the Object for the pinch to zoom, and the Pointer events for swiping – AymenDaoudi Jan 12 '14 at 8:49
I suggest taking a look at GestureRecognizer then. It consolidates the code you are writing, and will discern whether the user is swiping or Pinching. – Walt Ritscher Jan 13 '14 at 5:08
Well, I have thought about that, but couldn't dive into them, I didn't know what's the difference between using Manipulation Events of the object its self and using Manipulation events of the GestureRecognizer – AymenDaoudi Jan 13 '14 at 13:47

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